Random Thoughts

No real theme to this post, just a bunch of jumbled and at times weird thoughts.

Newt Gingrich has announced his plans to run for the presidency in 2012.  This is either great news for Obama or terrible news.  If Gingrich could actually secure the Republican nomination, it has to be great for Obama.  The fact that a douchenozzle like Gingrich thinks he has a chance doesn’t speak well to the general consensus on Obama’s popularity.  Although that is coming from the lunatic fringe.

Schwarzenegger is a swinging single again.  How many cycles of Winstrol V do you think he’s going to jack into his buttocks to try and reclaim his T2 glory days now that he’s trolling for poon tang again?

Which crazy dictator would you rather have a beer with, Qaddafi or Kim Jong Il?  I’d have to go with my man Kim, but I could be convinced otherwise.  Kim just seems like he’d regale you with stories of his exploits for hours on end, tales of hooking a set of jumper cables up to a political dissdent’s testicles followed by a subpar 18 on the Pyongyang National Country Club.

If someone forced you to bet on a team to win this year’s NBA title, would anyone take a team besides the Heat?  They seem like the only reasonable team.  Celtics are done.  Bulls are a one man team (good investment on Carlos Boozer, Reinsdorf).  I refuse to believe that the Mavs are for real (although I would love to see them win, if only for Cuban’s celebration on the podium where he says that he is above the law like Big Ern McCracken from Kingpin).  The Thunder might have a chance if Russell Westbrook figures out that he is not the best player on his team and it is probably a mistake to jack up 35 shots a game like George Costanza (the chucker episode).

Is there a way that I can be given five seconds notice before a Hangover 2 trailer airs so that I can not have the movie ruined for me?  I know I’m going to be disappointed by the movie, but I’d rather wait until I’ve shelled out $82 for my ticket, popcorn and jumbo Coke before I have that fact confirmed.

That is all.


About therealroyfinch

I am a reformed lawyer who lives in Vancouver. My first novel The Emperor of Glitter Gulch is now available as an ebook on Amazon and most other major retailers. I am not so hard at work on my second novel Low Hanging Fruit.
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