Publishing in the Times of Amazon

As my few readers may have surmised from the book cover hotlinked to Amazon on the right side of this blog, I have a novel for sale on Amazon.  It is actually the second novel I’ve written.  The first novel I wrote was not of a quality that I wanted to publish.  So I didn’t.  Is The Emperor of Glitter Gulch good enough to publish?  That is not a question for me to answer.  I hope so.  I think so.  As people start to buy it and review it on Amazon, I will find out.  I have purposefully not asked friends and family to buy the book and review it on Amazon.  I find it annoying when an Amazon title from an unknown author has ten glowing five-star reviews of the book where the reviewer claims it is possibly the greatest work of art ever unleashed on mankind.  Some of the stuff published on amazon by indie authors is unredeemable dreck and I find the friends and family reviews are thin cover to finding this out.  I would rather find out the truth about my work as soon as possible.  If it is shit, then I am glad you told me, and I’m sorry you bought it.  Thankfully it was only $0.99.  If you like it but would like to point out a few things about the work you find objectionable, I want to hear from you.  I don’t want my friends to post great reviews because they like me.  I want my reviews to reflect the work.  Period.

The one thing I’ve found a couple weeks into this process is how much time a lot of indie authors spend on marketing.  which is great for them.  But I fucking hate it.  I hate trying to scream louder (digitally of course) for people to buy my book.  Do I wish more than nine people had bought my book?  Of course.  Am I going to spend five hours a day (or ten? or more?) figuring out and implementing marketing plans?  Nope.

If I end up with nine people having bought my book and that’s it, well I hope they enjoyed the book.  I will write another.  In fact I’m halfway through my next.  I hope it’s better than the first.  I just have to remember that I write because I love writing.  If people like it, they will eventually find it.

In other news, an In-N-Out Burger joint opened in some backwater Texas town and one of the customers was overcome with emotion.  She’s skinny now, but anyone want to bet that this woman will be on an episode of Montell Williams in 2014 being crane-lifted out of her house because she’s 613 pounds?



About therealroyfinch

I am a reformed lawyer who lives in Vancouver. My first novel The Emperor of Glitter Gulch is now available as an ebook on Amazon and most other major retailers. I am not so hard at work on my second novel Low Hanging Fruit.
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  1. Wow,, That is awesome!!

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