Albert Pujols and Crop Dusting

I was watching the St. Louis Cardinals game yesterday.  The Cardinals’ first baseman is Albert Pujols.  Despite the fact that Pujols is having a slow start to this season, it is a fairly incontrovertible fact that Pujols has been the best player in baseball for the last ten years.  In fact, the argument could be made that Pujols has had the finest first ten years of a career in the history of baseball.  At the very least, his measureable statistics match up quite favorable to all of the greats, Mays, Aaron, Ruth, Gehrig.

All this got me to thinking, and I felt kind of bad for Pujols.  How’s that, you ask?  Well, because Pujols started his career during the steroid era, there will always be a dark cloud over his accomplishments.  He will always be tarred by the steroid brush because of guys like Bonds, Ramirez, Clemens, Sosa and the rest.  This despite the fact that he has never been implicated in any way.  Never failed a steroid test since it was brought in by MLB in 2006.  He has even said that he’d be willing to get tested every day.

This makes Albert Pujols the Arab crop duster of Major League Baseball.

See, I saw a comedian way back, Brian Regan.  He told this bit that absolutely slayed.  Talking about the after effects of 9/11, he said that the group he felt really bad for was Arab- Americans who really want to get into crop dusting.  The fucking terrorists really fucked up those guys’ dreams.


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