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If you don’t like sports, you should probably stop reading here.  Oh, that would presume people are actually reading this.

So I was watching baseball highlights last night and saw a clip of the Rangers-White Sox game.  In the bottom of the sixth, the Rangers batter hit a lazy fly ball foul to the first base seats.  AJ Pierzinski, the White Sox catcher, ran over to the first row of seats, reached around the net and tried to catch the ball as it dropped into the first row of seats.  The occupants of those seats?  George W and Laura Bush.  George W reacted like a grenade had been lobbed into the seats, all but hiding behind Laura.  I found this jarring.  This is the man who, while probably going down as the worst two-term President in the history of the United States, threw one of the best celebrity first pitches in the history of celebrity pitches.  He fucking nailed the first pitch but looked like a a guy falling out of his seat to avoid his buddy’s projectile vomit at closing time because of a lazy fly ball?  I’m confused.

I don’t know if I was more impressed by the Mavs comeback last night or the absolute burn-it-to-the-ground collapse of the Thunder.  I finally saw the NBA equivalent of the prevent defense (that only prevents the team from winning) executed by the Thunder.  With a big lead they decided to run down the clock, which makes sense  in isolation.  There’s no sense in jacking up a shot early in the clock, but the Thunder would run the clock down to about five seconds and then Westbrook or Durant would jack up a three from six feet behind the line.  Horrible to watch.  Sure, run down the clock, but you might want to run a fucking play.

The collapse by the Thunder doesn’t take anything away from Nowitski’s late game play.  Wow.  Best performance by a German since a German Schweizer video I saw that prominently involved two dwarves, a gas mask, a car battery and a souvenir baseball bat.

RIP Randy Savage.  Brought me back to my unfortunate pre-adolescence that I would just as soon forget.  Makes me want to snap into a fucking Slimjim.


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I am a reformed lawyer who lives in Vancouver. My first novel The Emperor of Glitter Gulch is now available as an ebook on Amazon and most other major retailers. I am not so hard at work on my second novel Low Hanging Fruit.
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One Response to More Sports

  1. Jackie Childs says:

    Spandex and multi-colored cowboy hats will never be worn together agin. RIP Macho Man.

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