Weiner’s Junk

Perhaps looking to one-up Congressman Chris Lee, who sent a woman he had met on craigslist a photo of himself shirtless and flexing, Congressman Anthony Weiner reportedly went Brett Favre and twittered a photo of his genitalia to a 21 year old woman.  Now, Weiner has claimed that his twitter account was hacked and that he is the victim of some elaborate prank, but, and this is key, Weiner “can’t say with certitude” that the picture of dangling genitalia is not his.

Hmm.  So, while he claims that he is definitely not behind the dissemination of the photo, he cannot say that the photo is not in fact a photo of his frank and beans.  Quick question, Weiner, what the fuck are you doing with a picture of your junk?  I mean am I the only guy who doesn’t snap candid shots of my weiner with any old cell phone or camera I stumble across.  Yawn, I’m bored.  Maybe I’ll just snap a few shots of my dick with this here Blackberry.  How’s the lighting in here?

To add further strangeness to the matter, NBC reports that Weiner “suggested that the lewd picture may have been ‘manipulated’ and he has retained an internet security firm to investigate.”

So, is Weiner claiming that the depicted penis is bigger than it appears in real life?  Smaller?

Ah, technology.  remember when a political sex scandel only involved the President inserting a cigar into the vagina of an intern in the Oval Office?


About therealroyfinch

I am a reformed lawyer who lives in Vancouver. My first novel The Emperor of Glitter Gulch is now available as an ebook on Amazon and most other major retailers. I am not so hard at work on my second novel Low Hanging Fruit.
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